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film #2 | Una Noche

Havana, Cuba

| 2012, Cuba, UK, US, dir. Lucy Mulloy |

Wow. What a film this is. I wasn’t expecting the impact this film would have until I was swept into the story, as it developed. This is obviously not a perfect film. It has some problems and wouldn’t make everyone’s nothing-to-do afternoon watch. But it has character and it is very engaging.

We start out with a voice over intro from Lila (Anailín de la Rúa de la Torre), the younger sister of Elio (Javier Núñez Florián) who is best friends with Raul (Dariel Arrechaga). Lila is a tan teenager who is bullied by the “pretty” girls for her style since she a loner who finds closer friendships in guys. Her brother Elio, works in a kitchen where Raul is an apprentice and finds out about Raul’s dream of going to Miami to search for his father. The story revolves around these three characters who become increasingly connected to Raul’s dream of heading north. One of the problems is, even though the story is told through Lila’s voiceover, it had a tendency of sticking with Raul which may confuse who the story is supposed to follow but this is not really a problem to me. It could be seen as an ensemble told through Lila’s eyes. But I guess Lila still has perhaps the most emotional connection. You decide. These storytelling tools are just there as a guide but as filmmakers we don’t have to follow them as long as the story is engaging.

I hate to point negatives of artists’ works since I know how hard it is to make something, especially how difficult it is to stick to your original vision. The work takes a life of its own and it develops with the team that is creating it. So I say this with caution as merely suggestions. At some parts the use of non-actors becomes self-reflexive and we can tell they are acting but when they do forget about the camera, magic happens. Another thing is the story is saturated with sexual encounters and I get the people’s need to “release” themselves from this often oppressive way of living but I didn’t need it more than 2-3 times. Perhaps this is part of the research the director so throughly made by living in the island, and is something that is prevalent there, but I still can get the point sooner.

With that being said, the film is almost a visual research piece on the cultural development of these people. Aside from the obvious appeal that a film set in Cuba provides, the world of the film is well displayed as is its complex characters and their dilemmas. There is a lot of rich details and you should keep learning more details on re-watches. I love the moments of pure humanism when these characters react to each other in a organic way. The little things said are wonderful. It is pure-cinema. This is what makes this movie special. I can tell Lucy Mulloy is still learning the tools but already knows the core of what makes us human. It is amazing that this is her first feature and it is impressive that it was premiered at the 2012 Berlin Film Festival.

I will definitely be on the lookout for what she has in store next.

Oh, and did I mention it is extremely cinematic? Just look at the screenshot above.

I tried to be as specific as possible without spoilers and this is the most I can get right now but:

watch this film to the end! It is literally very important. And let me know what you think!


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E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial

| 1982, US, dir. Steven Spielberg |

First, let me apologize for the delay on posting again. I watched many films, I just did not get around to write about them. I will try to knock down one or two a week. Let’s get to it.

E.T. is E.T. I always loved this movie but it had been years I hadn’t watched it. I saw it in my Directing the Composer class with professor Kenny Hall. Kenny just happen to be the Music Editor for the movie and he gave us some insights of his experience working on it and it was amazing, but let’s talk about the film.

A great buddy story between E.T. and Elliott Taylor. E.T. gets left behind by his ship here on earth and finds Elliott, who helps him get back home. Elliott is an outsider who is always misunderstood, but once he finds a companion with the similar problems, his goal becomes to keep him. They share such a bond that it actually is shown physically in the narrative. When E.T. is sick, Elliott is also sick, when E.T. gets drunk so does Elliott. Elliott’s initials are also E.T. Basically, Elliot is E.T.

This is also a story against growing up. The kids hide this creature from the adults, which they know are a threat to E.T.’s well being. The camera is low almost the entire time because it’s seen through the kids perspective and only a few adults are ever shown in the picture.

Something that I also find very interesting is that E.T.’s arrival and discovery never becomes a world-wide story. The media doesn’t get to it, it stays a local event. This enables the story to be concentrated within the confines of the town and focused on the kids’ reaction to it. If the media had gotten involved, it certainly would not have been as effective as it was.

John William’s score is absolutely brilliant. Who can’t tell E.T.’s theme when they hear it somewhere? It just sneaks up on you and gives you such joy as it builds to the climax during the incredible bike sequence.

Definitely watch this and re-watch if you haven’t done in a while. It is absolutely worth it.

Please share your thoughts!


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